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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Music makes the people come together...

But what the hell has happened to Lady GaGa? First there was the camper than Greame Norton 'Born This Way' that sounded so much like Madonna's 'Express Yourself' that I found myself wondering around actually singing Madonna rather than GaGa after having the melody rammed into my skull. Now the second single from her new album, 'Judas', has been unleashed onto a world of unimpressed listeners.

The opening is ripped straight from her own 'Bad Romance', but when the hard edgy beat kicks in, things begin to look promising. However, when the obscure and horribly flat verse begins, which also seems to even be out of time, although that's probably the desired effect, it is clear that this is just as car crash as her last single. The chorus is simple enough and as unoriginal and 90s as 'Born This Way'. The overall effect of the song is a wall of chaotic sound that clashes and sounds like an artist desperately clutching at straws.

Where has the sleek innovative production and brilliant song-writing gone that was featured on every track on 'The Fame Monster'? Listen to 'Dance in the Dark' or 'So Happy I Could Die' and then 'Judas' and tell me that the quality here hasn't taken a considerable nose dive.

To make matters worse, Lady GaGa unveiled the new artwork for her new 'Born This Way' album today, which features a cheaply photoshopped image of herself as a motorcycle and quite possibly the cheapest nastiest font ever used for the album's title.

Both the song and album will undoubtably be a hit as GaGa's loyal 'monsters' surely will love just about anything she puts out right now, but for those of us that are music lovers and have until this point enjoyed Lady GaGa's work, I fear the mighty has taken an almighty fall from the credibility tree. It will be interesting to see if American audiences will make it as huge as they made 'Born This Way', which spent six weeks at #1, despite all the controversy surrounding the track. I think they just lap up any positive message and anything by anyone they are currently obsessed with. In the UK, the song peaked at #3, which isn't bad by any stretch, but was a big disappointment considering her label expected it to shift in it's millions and two of her last three singles made it to #1.

Oh dear GaGa. Stop trying so hard to alienate those that like you.

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