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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


With age, comes wisdom. But does age give us the right to censor what others see/read/learn/know? It is my opinion that those that 'protect' children from homosexuality are only adding to homophobia and self hate. If a child understands from a young age that some people are gay and some are heterosexual, then they will accept that as normality. If it is never explained to them, when they do eventually encounter it, they will react to it. Also, for children that do identify as being gay, if they are not educated that homosexuality is normal, they will go through all sorts of confusion and perhaps even self- hate, as I did as a child. What are we 'protecting' children from? Knowing the simple fact that some men love men, some love women, and some women love women, and some love men? Why is this STILL an issue?

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