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Monday, 25 April 2011

Passion and Pain

I was always going to write about passion when I got to blogging about a word beginning with P, because to me, without passion, you may as well be dead. However, I returned from a trip to Nottingham yesterday with a searing pain in my neck and it is worsening by the hour! My mind, therefore, is firmly on the pain of my neck. Forgive my lack of updates- trips to Nottingham + sunshine + pain + last month of university = an incredibly distracted writer.

Whether it is for music, a sport, art, astrology, geography, literature, hiking, cooking or putting together life size models of the Titanic using only matchsticks, having a passion for something is vital to the individual. When you take out relationships and other people altogether, it is our individual interests and hobbies that keep us going. To depend solely on other people to make us feel good is a dangerous state of mind, and one I see too often in those around me.

Some of us will, unfortunately, never find a person to share our lives with. It's sad, but a reality for a lot more of us than I think people are aware of. It's one thing to dwell on being alone, but another to make your whole life miserable because of it. There is so much freedom in being alone. You just need to find that thing that will throw the gas canister on the flame already burning away inside you. It is there- you just need to find what makes it burn brightly. When you discover what drives you and brings out your passion, you may not only find that you are a happier and independent person, but possibly one that draws other people towards you.

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