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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Internet- for better or worse?

The internet has enabled so much- we can do our food shopping at the press of a button and have it delivered to our doors; we can find out virtually any piece of useless information we decide that we randomly need to know in a matter of seconds and we can make friends with people that we have and will never meet. Yes, the virtual world now seems as big as the real one and to some people it may even be more appealing, but have we made life too easy for ourselves?

In a land where people are getting fatter and dying younger, do we have too much at the push of a button? If information is so readily available, is the same thirst for knowledge appropriately rewarded? If we can apparently find love by creating an online profile with all our positive traits and best pictures on display for perspective lovers to see, are genuine connections being made? Are we too dependent on technology? Have we lost the pleasure of fresh air and gaining the satisfaction of our own hard work? Is it better to take the easy road and sit stewing in a hot room staring at a small flat screen? Will it dominate the future? Only time will tell.

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