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Monday, 25 April 2011

Queer names

Queer, fag, fudge packer, brown hatter, bender, bent, faggot, ass bandet, shit stabber... are a few of the names I've been called. Even after ten years of being an openly gay man, the same issues crop up- some people don't know where the line is. What is ok to say and what they should keep in their heads. When it comes to all of the names above, no word offends me any more than the other. I find it is all about the context and the tone. If a mate calls me a shit stabber in some banter down the pub, that does not make them a homophobe. If it is a stranger who is aggressively calling me fudge packer and trying to start a fight, of course I will be offended. I'll be offended they are even looking in my general direction. I have little time for anyone that is homophobic, racist, sexist and everything else of that nature. The problem is, however, that people seem to be taking being politically correct to the extreme. I know a great deal of LGBT people that get so easily offended that, if anything, they are only adding to people feeling like they are walking on egg-shells. People need to lighten up and understand there is a context to everything. I for one, find that being deeply and irrationally offended by a word is completely insane.

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  1. James, here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!