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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Is exactly what I have been guilty of, time and time again, about all manner of things. It's usually this over-thought that leads to trouble. Yet, if we do not question and seek to be educated, surely we are wasting our potential? The trick seems to be knowing what to question and how to satisfy your quest for knowledge.

The over-used universal question of 'Why are we here?' truly baffles me. How, in the 21st century, it is not commonly accepted that we exist due to evolution and the condition of our environment and we are not 'here' for a 'reason', stuns me. And people searching for the 'meaning' of their lives- 'meaning', whatever you determine that to actually propose, is whatever you make it. It is my belief that we have no destiny and that we are no more important in this world that the vermin that lives in the dirt. That doesn't mean that I think that humans have no value, it purely means that I believe there is no truth in religion and that we answer only to ourselves and each other.


  1. Many writers I know have 'overthink' periods in their lives. Mine happened in my twenties (I'm forty now) - once I hit my thirties, I channeled a bit of my father's gruff but effective 'Focus on paying bills, keeping your lover(s) happy and pursue a couple of achievable [talent-based] passions'.

    As for why are we here, I agree with you. Religion, at its best, is a comfort blanket that helped/helps people create moral codes so they could set up civilizations and be better people; increasingly, it's become an imperialistic, knee-jerk, let's-create-End-Times-scenarios-to-justify-our-radicalism monster, especially in the United States.

    Separation of church and state? No more, no more, it seems.

    It's (darkly) funny how people who are offended by us non-believers' unwillingness to step out on 'faith' (read: a con, or bulls**t) won't even IMAGINE, even for the sake of 'reaching' us, about what our varying faiths might be - in order to influence, you must listen to those you hope to influence. You don't have to believe what they say, necessarily, but you do have to know how to effectively address them.

    I haven't commented on a lot of pieces I've read here, but I am now - great site, my friend. =)

  2. lol You sound like one of my sons.