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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The L Word

For years my flatmate and friend, Chloe, has been badgering me into watching her favourite TV Show 'The L Word', and for years I resisted. A few weeks ago, however, I arrived home quite late and was a little drunk. I grabbed some drunk food and found Chloe sat in the lounge watching the very show I had avoided all this time. I didn't intend to sit and watch, but within ten minutes I was completely hooked. Two episodes of series six passed in a flash and Chloe has a smug look on her face. 'You love it, don't you?' she asked. And yes I did. I needed to know what happened to these well written characters. They seemed realer than anyone at that moment. I felt compelled, so she gave me six boxsets of DVDs and told me to watch.

Over the following weeks I effortlessly worked my way through all six seasons of this brilliantly written lesbian drama. Watching a show that circled entirely around women was surprisingly a breath of fresh air. Each character was completely different, totally plausible and absolutely fascinating. Bette, played by Jennifer Beals is this intense woman with a passion for art. She is a strong, confident business women, but we see her crack several times and then pull it back together. Her journey is remarkable and compels you to watch. Never have I felt such compassion for characters on a TV show. Jenny is a troubled and intricate writer, who is incredibly deep and messed up, yet successful. Shane is the hot androgynous woman that even I, a gay man, fancied. Alice is the witty, bull in a china shop. Dana is the famous tennis player that gets cancer. Helena is the rich girl that ends up in prison. It's just brilliant! What makes the show so fantastic is the humour. The show is a drama through and through, but the both the humanity and humour really lets this show into your heart. Highly recommended.


  1. Your review of this show makes me want to check out an episode or two just to see for myself what The L Word is all About.

    The Madlab Post

  2. It's a pleasure to meet you from the A-Z Challenge! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. You should watch it Nicole! I bet by the end of the first episode you are hooked! Nice to meet you Jeffrey. :)

  4. A brilliantly written show. The characters draw you in and make you care about their "lives."