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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scattered by a Breeze

Written by James Christopher Sheppard

Established ’84
scarred into skin.
Southern pride
of the poorest people,
hidden under floorboards
            of Surrey’s suburbia
into every fibre and every tell
of my eye.

No flick of light glistens
or reflects the same way,
for every observer
stands                                                                        differently.
The height,          t h e  d i s t a n c e ,
the      speed                         of        the      racing                         heart,
the size of the engorged erection,
the price paid for
company and irreplaceable time.

All are                        relative                      and change                           perception
of what

 remains an unaltered truth.

The inescapable identity can be masked
but never denied
with clear conscience.
Now here and                                               everywhere
I try to absorb
every image and breeze before me
but neither make their dent.

To be free
of this body and to be carried                   through the air,
as dust,                                  by a breeze
is both destiny and a dream.

Free from aches and pains and a sore back,
free from discomfort and suffering.
To just be Free from                                                                                                                                                                                                                        your perception and judgment


  1. brilliant,
    glad to see you in.

    Happy Potluck!

  2. You have such a clever style admittedly I lose my place easily but I can see the vision behind it and its very illustrative. Wonderful imagery and atmosphere you've created. Powerful

  3. you have great talent. :)

  4. a visual delight as much as a read one...prejudice, preconception, judgement...it follows us and i dont know that we will ever shake it unfortunately...

  5. Smiles. Amazing poem, both visually and literally—in particular the dynamic typographical elements that enhance meanings. A very creative composition.

  6. Very creative and nicely written. And no matter how much ones tries, always haunted but such issues, as some refuse to wake up.

  7. Awesome in content and layout, an excellent use of the typography itself as a visual poetic element. How does one gather and keep a thought as their own amidst the mindless ADD chatter of life?