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Thursday, 30 June 2011

26 and living in the 'family home'

It's quite a unique experience, returning to living with your family in your mid-twenties after living alone or with friends for four years. By all means, it is not all bad- having company right there whenever you want it certainly has it advantages, but equally returning to a house bustling with six other human beings when you're tired, grouchy and just want to relax on the sofa for an evening can be highly irritating. Going from having your own lounge, your own kitchen, your own bathroom at your disposal at all times, to sharing all these facilities with what feels like hoards of other people can be somewhat daunting. Of course, with what we sacrifice comes positives, like less money thrown down the drain on rent and having to get your own sodding TV license.

The family drama that you remember as a teenager remain, which is probably the most alarming thing of all. Dealing with a super-emotionally-charged teenage brother and his equally dramatic girlfriend for example is quite an experience. Don't get me wrong, their company is often hugely gratifying, but listening to the over-so tense arguments over what they want to watch on tv is... well, it'll have you wanting to sow their mouths shut and sit them in separate corners of the room, I'll tell you that much.

Then as for experiencing the parents' partners' family around the house as much as your immediate family are there, well that's something, that again, takes time to adjust to. All in all, being around family reminds me what family is about- people being there and accepting you, no matter what. People you can openly express your grumpiness and anti-socialness to, without them thinking anything about it. Equally, however, people that are just forthcoming with you about their bad moods! Haha! I suppose it all ultimately just comes down to adjusting to changes, toughing out the negatives and embracing the positives.
(Mum, me and my brother, Patrick in 2005)

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