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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Written by James Christopher Sheppard
Freckles of dust
laid around carelessly,
Flung to their rest
by a boy who knew better.
Muffled misery
heard only by bricks,
They weren’t her fault
but were they his?

Displaced by laws
of nature and truth,
Products of time
that stretched sterile.
But if time could bend
would the freckles still lay
or would they be kept neatly
in a jar, high on the shelf?

While carless freckles
they may seem, scattered
with noisy breathless grief,
they are best this way.
You can never go back
though it is your one wish.
He was hers for a time and
he was hers to lose.

One soul mate
is more than most
For one day or ten thousand,
One man only will be yours.
Now freckles may be scattered
seemingly carelessly on the floor,
but at least you jumped from the shelf
and made a glorified mess.


  1. Interesting write... I liked the migration of freckles throughout the piece. Much depth to the poem.

  2. Rich. Moving.

  3. it is indeed interesting. and very moving. i liked it.

  4. I had to read this twice. It's filled with sadness.

    Interesting indeed.

    Thanks for sharing though.

  5. Touching indeed, thank for joining us over at Jingle Poetry=)~

  6. nice...i got a warm spot in my heart for freckles..i would hope to keep my one love..

    edit...sp...about halfway through, carless or careless?

  7. The profound sadness to this ... damn.


  8. I really enjoyed this very unique, beautifully done. I agree very moving

  9. Those freckles do get around...a tragic piece though, all around, touching yet crushing to see the movement of the heart...well-writ.

    (P.S. Did you mean "careless freckles"?)