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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The End is Nigh!

Yes, the catastrophic day of knowing the final grade for my degree is getting nearer. Today I received the fifth and sixth portfolios from my final year back, which only leaves two to go. As it stands I have a good grade and I am really happy with it, but the final two grades could still change all of that so I won't count my chickens just yet. 

So, University officially finished almost three weeks ago and I am now a resident of the city of Hull- 240 miles north of London. When I first decided to temporarily reside in Hull following the completion of my degree, I thought it would be a real struggle and deeply unpleasant. Now that I have created my tiny but effective studio apartment style room in my Mother's house, I am the most settled I have been in years. I miss the social aspect of Kingston and the ease of getting around by bike, but on the whole, I am relieved to have moved on from London for a while. It's only £20 and two hours on the train away, after all. 

While I am currently job hunting in the local area, I am still looking at opportunities abroad and am writing for Todd Swift's blogzine, Eyewear, as his music correspondent. I have also just been accepted as an author for Independent Publishing, so I am still chasing my writing career. 

Hull as a city is not as bad as many may think. I am going to find the positives about Hull over my time here and report them back to you all. One point of interest is that you can buy a house here for little over £20,000. I kid you not. Who knows, I may even buy a house in a few years. Just for storage or something, you know. 

I should probably be reflecting on my university experience, but I think it's all still too fresh at the moment to be reflecting properly. I had a life changing four years in Kingston. My mind feels suitably stretched in just about every way and right now I feel like I have more ahead of me than I ever could have done before 2007. 

So there we go, a little teeny reflective moment, without getting carried away. I can finally share my poetry portfolio with you, so I will begin right now. As always, please enjoy and give feedback- it's such a rewarding and helpful part of writing. 

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