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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I drink a fuck load
 of water, I use my over-priced
gym membership and I use a bike and my own two feet
to get around this concrete
raped landscape.
And what? I waste days of life unlived sat alone
staring at a light filled screen of colour
supposedly embracing the wonders of 21st century
Man that made life
so fucking easy
that we began to eat ourselves to death.
I can’t help but question
why I should carry my aching awaiting remains to another session
of talking to an unlikable bore, employed by the man, paid to listen to my shit,
for the good of man.
Man that made
information, music and our favourite passive media available on tap.
Eat a fuck tonne
of meat, only a fiver, half price.
Watch some piss porn, a man and a girl, a man and four girls, a college orgy.
You’ll never watch it all
because there isn’t enough time.
I’ve eaten my steak and already had a wank over your tits. I’m out of this concrete box.
Pour some distilled down me.
“How strong can you make it mate? Alright, I’ll have two and down ‘em.”
A tenner and four shots, I go
for a smoke, I sniff a line, I sniff some fucking more, what is this shit? It doesn’t fucking matter ‘cos it’s better than the fucking water.


  1. ha. i hear you...i rather detest the tv...cant say much more for water...

  2. Raw, the profane only, with the sacred left behind in the last century, love reduced to lust - an apt descrption of man - society - int he 21st century.

  3. Wow...and wow again. Im so happy to have found you through oneshot.

  4. Yes..jealous I don't dare to go where you can go. It's not really my voice, but you've found yours here and doing so I expect it's better than cocaine and Scotch whiskey. Head for the Museum of London, drink a cuppa tea and write it all down for thee and me in your own voice. I'm happy to read it. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  5. Ooh, wow. I like that. Well, not *like* but like how I thought and considered, and where it took my mind, twisting and turning, and feeling seedy.

  6. Ah, so many wonderful comments- thank you all for taking the time to read and comment my work! The interesting aspect of this poem for me is that it is a voice I have never used before. It's more blunt and 'real' than what I usually write, but I am happy with the outcome- and I now feel greatly encouraged to give it another go! :)