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Saturday, 12 February 2011


I'm not sure just how much I can share of my recent writings on here at the moment as I don't know what I am going to use for my university portfolios yet. After writing 'Man', I seemed to channel a voice that is fresh for me, and even though it may sound far from my own voice, I actually think it may be the most authentic voice I have found to write in so far. I was listening to some hardcore music, the Gallows and Lower Than Atlantis, with my good friend Joe and he was singing the lyrics to me. Actually hearing the lyrics properly gave me time to digest them and realise that these are the most hard hitting  lyrics I have heard for quite some time. So I decided to to give writing more bluntly about real subject matter that you can touch and see, rather than just feel, a go and 'Man' was the outcome. I have written a few poems since, but I need to see if they fit the submission criteria at university before I can publish them online, or I'll be in trouble for plaigarising something that is already out there.

As this blog was intended to follow me on my journey from student to... something else, here is what is currently the plan. My final batch of assignments will be complete by the end of May. I shall then move all of my worldly possessions to my Mother's house in Hull. I know Hull has a lot less to offer than London, but I will be able to live very cheaply and pay off the debts I have incurred as a student (credit cards etc) for a year or so, and have the freedom to leave at the drop of a hat if a job comes up- anywhere. I plan to take a trip to the USA in June or July and write about my experience, which makes living back with my Mother for a year seem more than worth it. I would never be able to take such a trip if I was also paying out London rent and bills. I recently worked out that my monthly outgoings for rent, bills and food total around £800 per month. I know that living in Hull will be difficult but I am slightly looking forward to having little responsibility for a year; something I feel I will massively enjoy after the past four years!

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