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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Self Harm

Years of standing alone,
Dependent only on my minor addictions.
Plenty of passionless no strings sex.
Licking, sucking, fucking.
Don’t kiss or hug me,
I am only an appendage of hard flesh and a whole for you to violate.

Filled with blood,
Ready to burst.

Why do you need me here?
Can’t you satisfy yourself?

I don’t need your fowl smelling foreign flesh on mine.
I could make up an elaborate story,
Claim I’ve been raped or abused or some other cliché.
I have been hurt,
I have been wronged,
Haven’t you?

Truth is, I’ve tried it all.
It filled me 
with emptiness.


  1. A lot of hurt in this one, a lot of loneliness - the things we brook upon ourselves in the need for feeling, the need for something other than emptiness...Emotional turmoil, given voice. Well-writ, but painfully wrought.

  2. Yes I was feeling a tad bleak when this poured out of me. Thank you very much for your comment- it certainly has a lot more going on than the obvious. I'm quite happy with this one. :) Loving your blog btw- taking a look now.