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Friday, 18 February 2011

Rum Soaked Assistance

By James Christopher Sheppard and Joseph Hurst

Eleven hours to the other side of the world
What the fuck?
Who knew when he was twelve,
Plans and schemes would serve him well.
One sunken,
Drunken eye
Spilt thought and broken time
A friend with heart,
a strong back
My rock,
Keeps me on track.

Time zones stand no distance
Trains of thought,
A rum soaked assistance
Helps us through
Our decisions
I guess
We will
Think .
And drink
Till we know that
Another bar will keep us up.

Golden in colour
Jamaican in spirit
The satisfaction derives
From the textures in time.
Never been to the island in question
Places, spaces,
dictations of our paces.

Humour, spirit and affluence in sound
Difference in persuasion,
This discourse resounds
In both sober
And drunken thought
May it never
Fade and sink.
Fuck it.
Pour another drink.


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