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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Remember the Sky

by James Christopher Sheppard

With rushing and frantically trying to create
worth creating,
that would stand up and bow to the admirers and students
and band wagon jumpers,
it can reach the point of saturation
of having to stop through fear of burning out
or more realistically of failing to create
anything worth creating
for any eye to take the effort to
engage with brain and remember.
So I did look around
and noticed the sky
but not before realising I was stumbling off the trail,
off of the rubble and down a ditch
where trees stood tall and no man could prevail.
I took it all in,
the warnings and signs and noticed
that it couldn’t matter
if I created something worth creating
for eyes and brains to engage or not,
so long as I saw the sky and wasn’t afraid to look up
and risk falling down the ditch
filled with nameless men before me
that saw the sky just I have.

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